MODYST Film Distribution

Making a film is only 50% of the battle won! Almost 70% of the filmmakers struggle to get their films distributed; even if their films make it to film festivals, it does not necessarily guarantee distribution. Hence we bring you:

MODYST, a platform celebrating the best in Independent Cinema as well as distribute and help you monetise your films and reach international audiences.

  • Shorts
  • Features
  • Web Series

Power of MODYST Film Network

Our reviewing team will rate the submitted films and the best of the lot will then be picked up by our programming team and industry professionals, and given a chance to be distributed and screened on our platform, and the films that top the screening chart will also be screened live at our partnered film festivals (at no extra cost).

Get exclusive distribution and monetise your projects on our Cinema On Demand.

Find and understand your audience.

Take your career to the next level.

Expand your network and collaboration opportunities.

Share your film with the world.

Our top films win a chance to be screened at Festivals
(at NO extra cost).

Though the Beta version launches early spring 2017, however, you can check out the platform's features & what you can expect Features Page, we've started to accept films and project for submissions already Submission form.

Submission Rules & Regulations overview

  • Private or password Protected link to online screener.
  • DCP (High resolution digital format).
  • Press kit: 3 stills, trailer and Posters.
  • Subtitles for both English as well as non-english projects.

Film Submission

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